Top 5 Exotic Destinations



The kasbahs, spice markets, and cities of Morocco pulse with energy. Climb onto a camel and explore the edge of the Sahara before admiring the views from the heights of the Atlas Mountains. Experience the energy of imperial cities as you explore souks stuffed with exotic wares.



Whether it’s surfing, bungee jumping, whale watching, snowboarding, wine-tasting, or just hanging out on a beautiful beach, New Zealand is packed with adventure and stunning natural landscapes. But what really makes it country so special is how easy it is to enjoy it all.




Santorini is the perfect example of why travelers love the Greek islands. With its white-washed houses and churches adorned with contrasting cobalt-blue doors and domes, the stunning island indulges visitors with unhindered ocean views and a warm, unhurried atmosphere making it the ideal getaway for everyone.



Unspoiled and virtually untouched, the Hawaiian island of Molokai reflects a Hawaii of the past with no skyscrapers or stoplights in sight. With a high percentage of its population being of Native Hawaiian ancestry, Molokai is place where Hawaiian culture and the aloha spirit thrives.



Of all the world’s exotic destinations, Tanzania just might be the most thrilling. A safari tour through the Serengeti will show you why as you drive past herds of elephants, lightning-fast cheetahs, and giggling baboons. For an elevating adventure, climb Kilimanjaro and take in its jaw-dropping views.

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